Dongguan City Everlight Lighting Co., Ltd.

Established in 2004, Everlight Lighting has been long committed to the innovation and development of lighting. With our exploration and efforts, our products are exported to all over the world and share a good reputation among customers.

We are strict to the most with every work we have done and pursue the highest quality and are endeavering to achive our cutomers′s highest satisfaction.

Every our step taken is a step closer to be the strongest supplier of LED filament bulb.

We recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative LED lamps. We produce energy-saving, eco-friendly, high-efficient, long-lifespan, and practicable products to the global market.

Our team of designers, trend scouts, researchers and material and process engineers work in close in cooperation with product and account managers to help customers understand exactly what they need from their product. Whatever your ideas, we can provide you with everything required to promote your product on a global scale.

Everlight′s commitment to technology gives us adaptability that cannot be matched. From our partnerships with industry leaders, a vertical integrated development design, and full ownership over our manufacturing facilities, Sehon is ready to put out the best product at impossible speeds.

We products must comply with all legal regulations required by UL, EMC, RoHS, CE and ISO9001: 2008. All products and components are tested to ensure superior quality and are manufactured to meet, or exceed all safety and performance standards. All the light sources are famous brand such as Epistar, CREE, Osram and Bridgelux.

We promise is to serve our customers with premier quality LED products and services. We are proud to share with you how we bring the spirit of this promise to life and welcome your comments and questions.
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