Cemdeo Technology Co., Ltd

Cemdeo produces best quality LED lights. Our products are using international brand LED chips, UL certified electronic components, first grade quality alloyed aluminum, the best circuit designs and the newest electronic soldering and surface mounting production lines (SMD). In order to achieve a best quality management, we have post doctor guides the technical division. Most of the technicians and engineers are post graduates of first class universities in China. Among these employees, they are skillful and professional specialists in electronic design, electrical analysis, optical research and electronic manufacturing quality control. To combine the manufacturing facility and the technical human source, we have rigid operation standards and rules. We are applying ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards of German Rheinland TUV Lab. We are producing the best quality LED lights, further we are providing first class lighting control systems and lighting energy saving systems. Cemdeo established a joint lab with Spanish researchers focusing on wireless intelligent controlling systems. Cemdeo Mayi system is a most convenient solution for a large area lighting intelligent controlling systems. Its wireless network reduce 90% electricity wire cost, it collects feedback data from each light, including each light status and its electricity consumption. It executes energy saving strategies in conditions of different zones, different time periods, and different lighting effects for each single light, or for a selected group of lights.

Cemdeo has 20 years′ manufacturing experience and project engineering experience. In China we participated in many national projects and provided products, applications and services for thousands of clients in governments, military and civil service companies. Apart from LED lighting and smart controlling system, Cemdeo also is doing excellent in emergency power supply. Cemdeo group has a filiale of Emergency Power Supply (EPS) and Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).